Disc Injuries

If you’re suffering from a disc injury, Dr. Kaci Roach is your Amarillo chiropractor that is here to help.

Disk Injuries in Amarillo Tx

Disk Injuries Solutions

Have you ever been told that you had a disc injury or a slipped disc in Amarillo, TX? Believe it or not, you’re not alone. Disc injuries can range from slight and subtle to severe and excruciating. Most of these types of injuries require the help of a trained chiropractor. Our Amarillo chiropractic clinic can help educate you on the facets of your condition and aid in developing the best course of treatment for you.

Intervertebral discs are the little pads that sit between each vertebrae and have a tough outer ring that surrounds a jelly-like center. The discs in your back serve to both join and separate your vertebrae. Basically, these discs act as shock absorbers or cushions so that your bones don’t contact each other as movement occurs. Discs are pretty important in allowing your upper torso to move.

Disk Injury in Amarillo, TX

Being diagnosed with a protruding disc means that the gel is bulging or otherwise pushed out, and is asymmetrical in different areas. Sometimes, this results in pinching and irritation of the nerve roots.

Herniated discs happen when the outer, harder material of the disc ruptures to the point that the inner-gel pushes outward. Often, this causes numbness and pain due to nerve irritation and can be debilitating in some cases.

The worst type of disc injury is called a disc extrusion. These happen when the gel balloons extensively into the area outside of the vertebrae or breaks off from the disc completely. Not only is the end result immense pain, but usually involves limitations in the range of motion.


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