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If you are dealing with neck pain in Amarillo, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from neck pain and rarely get the help they need. Chiropractors have been helping with neck-related issues for over 100 years. Our Amarillo Chiropractor is specially trained to alleviate neck pain and has a tremendously high success rate.

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Neck Pain in Amarillo, Tx

It might be a pain in the neck, but it’s impossible to help a patient with neck pain without knowing the cause of it. Amarillo Chiropractors are trained to use a variety of diagnostic tools to locate the source of neck pain which gives them an edge over the problem.

Almost every systemic nerve in your body runs through the spine making it one of the most complex areas of your body. Muscles attached to a misaligned portion of the spine can spasm and tighten. That tightening is considered a bodily defense mechanism to protect the spine and spinal cord. Bad posture and bad posture coupled with repetitive motion is considered the most common source of misalignments in the spine.

Many people ignore their body’s pain signals and let their spinal problems go uncorrected. Often times, they hope that waiting long enough will make their neck pain go away. In many cases it will go away, but that misalignment that caused the problem wasn’t ever resolved and lays in wait for the next time that the patient moves incorrectly and aggravate the injury again. Pain will return and the result over time will likely become much more serious. Some patients let it go so long that surgery becomes the only option.

Common vs. Normal Neck Pain

Many patients fall into the common vs. normal neck pain trap. The logic of this trap is that since so many people suffer from neck pain that it is, in fact, normal. Though it is widespread and common as it afflicts many people, it is by no means “normal”. That very reasoning is why we often see it go so long that the problems can’t easily be corrected. Chiropractic + Recovery’s mission is to control these problems before more invasive methods need to be used.

Your very first visit with Dr. Kaci Roach will begin with your health history. She needs to understand your condition before she can help you. Her hope is to help you on your way to recovery before having to struggle with the long term effects that surgery can cause. Call us to set up your consultation to avoid these pitfalls. Chiropractic + Recovery is here to help!


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