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In Amarillo and the world at large, emergency room doctors commonly report sciatica as one of the most common things they encounter year over year. Though there are thousands that suffer from this, there are a silent majority that never find a long-term solution to remedy their pain. The sciatic pain continues to grow and worsen because they haven’t received correct treatment. We’re here to tell you that you aren’t alone and wants to help you understand your condition and how chiropractic care can help you overcome it.
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Sciatica in Amarillo, Tx

Patients often describe sciatic pain as a range of slight discomfort to extreme and unbearable. Sciatic pain can manifest in different areas of the legs and feet and has a tendency to come and go. As years progress, people tend to go through sciatica flare ups that intensify over time as the problem goes largely unchecked.

The areas generally regarded as the root of sciatic pain are the pelvic and lumbar spine. This spinal area is very complex and can make it difficult to find the root of the problem. Dr. Kaci Roach will be able to work with you to improve the positioning of your spine and discs to help alleviate some of the worst of the pain.

Many patients claim that all they did was bend over to pick up something small and be suddenly hit with extreme pain. It’s hard to understand what was happening as an underlying issue for likely a longer period of time. The stark reality is that the condition has likely been underlying for years. Most spinal problems don’t just happen overnight, but build up gradually as a number of small, but related injuries.

How long does it take to Correct Sciatica?

Sciatic pain treatment length can vary greatly depending on the patient and their individual progression of dealing with the problem. While some people respond quite quickly, others may take a greater amount of time. The primary factors are reliant on the condition of the person’s discs and joints that the chiropractor has to correct. In many cases, the longer that the issues have persisted in a patient, the harder they are to overcome. The upside is that it usually takes face less time to fix an issue like this than it took to create it.

The number of people that get back surgery in the U.S. is absolutely staggering while the success rates of those surgeries is immensely disappointing. With estimations that back surgery only has about a 15% effective outcomes within a five year period. Is that good enough for you?
It certainly isn’t what we expect for our patients.

If you are serious about turning your sciatic problem into something manageable and avoiding surgery, call the Chiropractic + Recovery office. We’re here to answer any of your questions and are happy to consult with you.


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