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We help you optimize your athletic performance and resolve overuse injuries through detailed evaluation, treatment, and education.

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Active Sports Chiropractic Care

The treatment regimen that we use is designed to help evaluate and treat those with current injuries who need it most immediately. We care for athletes with a focus on resolving irritation, inflammation, and pain while releasing nerve impingement, muscle dysfunctions, and joint dysfunctions.

Proactive Chiropractor Care

If you are an athlete who would like to stay injury-free, we have just the thing. While you may not currently be injured, we can help optimize your performance to avoid injury. In your visit, we assess you for any joint, nerve, or muscular imbalance. Coming in for an assessment can be one of the more proactive steps you can take toward avoiding pain later.



Sports Injury Chiropractic Help
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Amarillo’s Only Sport Chiropractor

Dr. Kaci cares for athletes of any level and in any sport. Chiropractic care is not just about mitigating pain, but maintaining your body’s optimal balance. Many of our athletes refer their friends and family who aren’t as active as they are to us. We love and care for them as well. 

For many, chiropractic care offers overall pain relief. Other people relish both feeling and looking good. Contact our office today for a consultation to see how chiropractic can help you.

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