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Injured at Work?

Many patients are surprised to learn that the majority of work-related injuries don’t start from accidents. Truth be told, most injuries in the workplace stem from overuse. Millions of dollars are spent in the United States each year to help people suffering explicitly from these problems. If you have been injured in this manner, Dr. Kaci Roach can help you improve your quality of life as your Amarillo chiropractor.

Repetitive stress is the most common risk factor associated with work injuries. Performing small tasks with poor posture can create a world of pain over time. Continuous typing with poor positioning or twisting and turning while moving heavy boxes are both common issues. Most people think of a work injury being that item that falls on top of you from a shelf or a slip and fall, but really, it’s the daily activities that create a majority of the injuries we see.

Work Injury in Amarillo, TX

Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain are just two of the most common work-related conditions that chiropractors regularly treat with high success rates. Once the damage from the injury begins, the spine and joints become more misaligned creating commonly seen injuries in our chiropractic clinic. Misaligned joints cause swelling which in turn can irritate surrounding nerves. This can lead to multiple, more serious problems.

It’s faster and easier to recover from work injuries by treating them sooner with proper chiropractic care. A skilled chiropractor and assess your condition and help you to understand what it will take to recover from your injury. Dr. Kaci Roach can also help refer you to outside additional services if she feels they can help you.

Working with a chiropractor is vital if you have a misaligned joint that is causing you grief. Unfortunately, many patients never opt to get that kind of help. Their employers set them up
with a visit with a doctor who in turn refers them to physical therapy. Though physical therapy is sometimes necessary, there aren’t any physical therapists we are aware of that are trained in handling misaligned joints. The downside is that leaves most patients struggling to recover properly and more pain-free.


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